The best gift is the gift that keeps giving. With that in mind, why not try Earth Happy Promos seedling gifts? With a vast selection of organic, eco-friendly seeds, you can make sure the gift you give ends up giving back to the earth. Choose between Page’s Seeds, Bentley Seeds, Western Promotions, Bloomin’ Promotions, Global Seedlings, or Clik Clak.

We personally love the message Bloomin’ Promotions offers: “Earth Day is Whenever You Decide.” And we couldn’t agree more!

Giving the gift of seedlings also allows for personalized product packaging to make sure you have an eco-branding strategy in tow. Easy-to-grow seedlings come in just about any variety, from beautiful flowers to conifer evergreen seedlings, to easy-to-maintain indoor plants.

Page’s Seeds – Quality Seeds Since 1896


Bentley Seeds – Promote your business with our premium products


Bloomin’ Promotions