The clothing company’s I have used in the past all have changed the way they do business. So at this time I am NOT promoting anyone. I will let you know when I find the company that is worth me telling you my audience about.

When thinking about promotional products and branding, the best bet is always something that will last – and better yet, something that will be worn. This way, you get a walking advertisements and people happily wearing (and promoting) your business or message.

When giving away clothing as gifts or promotions, keep in mind that the more excited you get the wearer, the more likely s/he is to talk about it. So why not be to topic of conversation with eco-friendly clothing!

Get wearable ethics with Econsious or Bamboo Moon. Bamboo Moon is our person favorite, offering luxurious earth-friendly bamboo-based fabrics. Labeled the “fiber of the future”, bamboo products are sustainable, cheap to produce, cheap to harvest, and easy to grow.

Bamboo Moon offers a wonderful selection of soft touchable textiles ranging from eco-friendly bath linens, towels, robes, and eco chic gift sets. They also have a special collection of eco-friendly clothing for infants and children.

For a higher end branding project or for great eco award giveaways, try bamboo ware and other great eco clothing options.