4/28/2015 I used to promote a lot of companies that provided eco plastic and eco ware. Many of them have gone to the “dumps” So as soon as I find the right company to promote I will let you know.

Give me a call (949) 631-5596 or email me at Awardpro@gmail.com and I will help you with your Eco Beverage Ware.

If you are what you eat, then you’re definitely what you drink. Sure you’ve long ditched eco-aggressive water bottles, but what else are you drinking in? Why not try green beverage ware like U.S. made eco-friendly mugs.

Green mug choices come in just about any material like stone, which doesn’t waste any resources or use any toxic chemicals in being made. Natural material beverage ware even come in biodegradable plastics. If you’re going to have a drink on the go and ditch the plastic bottles, why not get an eco-friendly on-the-go water bottle or a biodegradable cup?

With non-toxic biodegradable drink containers, you’ll also help others steer clear of toxic plastic chemicals that leak out of traditional plastic bottles. So go ahead, give eco beverage ware a go and let others spread your message while they’re on the go.